“Keep going, you’re almost at the waterfalls” Eaton Canyon

I used to visit my grand parents in Altadena, Ca all the time before they passed. I had know idea that there was a hiking trail 5 minutes away from their home. So it was  a pleasant surprise to pass by there old home on to the way to Eaton Canyon. I love traveling to other places but sometimes its nice to explore your own city!


We parked on the street but there is a parking and a overflow lot available to the public. My sister and I arrived at 9:30 am but didn’t start hiking until 10:30 due to my family arriving on Color People time (term used when black people can’t make it on time). At this point we now have 4 adults and 3 children (ages 8, 3, 4).



The trail is a 3.5 hike and can take about an hour and a half to reach the trails depending on how fast or slow you walk. Remember to wear tennis shoes and bring plenty of water.

image   image

The trail started off easy and the weather was nice because it was overcast. This was perfect because heat and hiking don’t mix well. Along the trail we saw people riding horses, different types of dogs, small coyotes, beetles and dragon flies. Due to the fact that my family doesn’t hike and we brought the little ones along,  we stopped several times to catch our breathe, enjoy the scenery and bathroom breaks. Bathrooms are not available on the trail, so I hope you know how to “pop a squat” (squatting to use the bathroom in a non-designated bathroom).

imageThe trial involves walking along streams, hopefully you are good at stepping on stones to get across. Don’t worry, if you happen to slip off a rock, your tennis shoes will only get mildly  wet.

Halfway there you will come to small stream of water, admire but keep going. Walk a little further and you will have to navigate across small and big rocks. If you have little children it can be a bit more difficult because you will have to hold them to go across the rocks.






After walking for about an hour and a half, I was like a kid on a road trip wondering when i was going to reach the top. Without hearing my thoughts, a kid coming down from the top, hollered out “Keep going you’re almost to the waterfalls”. That was strength I needed to make it to the waterfalls.


Finally reached the falls and it was lots of people sitting around with there families or friends. If you are looking for quiet peaceful place, this may not be your scene. Although it wasn’t what I consider peaceful, I enjoyed the noise and the sound of the waterfalls. The waterfall was great because more people were happy to enjoy the waterfall afar instead of getting in the water. Great for me because I was able to feel the refreshing water on top of me and obtain some great photos. If you are in southern Cali,  enjoy hiking and love water, I definitely  recommend Eaton Canyon.

image    image

image    image





26 thoughts on ““Keep going, you’re almost at the waterfalls” Eaton Canyon

  1. I’ve been hiking a few times and I’ve really come to enjoy it. Running into a waterfall though is so freaking dope. I’ve not seen any on my hikes but I would love that. I’m obsessed with waterfalls.

    Great fun, I like to discover great things in my area because we usually overlook them.

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    1. I love waterfalls as well. The waterfall before this one was in Ghana! I actually slipped in fell and bumped my head due to the slippery moss on the ground. Thank god I was OK. Yes i’m lacking in doing things in my city! I need to pretend like I’m a tourist in Los Angeles


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