Groupon + Family = FUN

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I love Father’s Day! Father’s Day is special because I have the opportunity to celebrate my father. He has always been a great father and it is important that I show my appreciation towards him.  I usually buy my father gifts, but I’m realizing that some gifts are quickly forgotten about after they are received. I am learning that the best gift one can give is the gift of memories.


I really wanted to take my dad on a fun outing but I also wanted it to be cost effective. I decided to check out Groupon deals in my city. If you are interested: go to Groupon,  sign up with your email and you will receive weekly emails.

I decided to surprise my father and take him to the Escape Room. An Escape room is a physical game where you are locked in a room, and you’re given a certain amount of time to escape using clues located in the room.

I was able to find a Groupon deal: MagIQ Room- Family Escape in Pirate’s Den for up to 8 Players. This was a steal for me and my family; we were able to split the cost at only $8 per person.


The first room we entered into was sparsely furnished: It only had a desk, barrel, board and other odd objects. We were stuck in this room the longest because the clues did not make any sense to the group. After a while, we slowly pieced the clues together. You are allowed to ask for hints; I must admit we had to ask for a hint.

After unlocking the first room, the second room was nice in comparison. It looked like we had entered paradise. It had a backdrop of Thailand, sand, and chest with bones. To get out of this room we had to use a pirate’s map and other clues to guide us to the treasure.



Finally, we made it to the treasure chest filled with beads and a gold bar. Happy to report we made it out just in time!


Remember if you are looking for things to do go to Groupon for great deals! Who doesn’t want to have fun while saving money?



29 thoughts on “Groupon + Family = FUN

    1. Right i was thinking what fun activities could we do, i also found cheap tickets to a play for us to see as well. Def require out of the box thinking skills, it was 9 of us and were stuck in the first room for over 20 minutes. Groupon is the best!


    1. Yay! Do it! Do It! Yes it goes from super exciting to, frustration because you cant solve the clue, to feeling frantic because time is running out, to feeling excited that you finally made it out. Emotions are like a roller coaster while in the Escape room..lol


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