Cha-Ching: Groupon Coupons!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I love Groupon! I recently learned that they offer a service called Groupon Coupons Coupons give you additional savings off of the original advertised price. I’ve always wanted to be an extreme couponer! Although I’m not at that particular point, I can begin to use Groupon Coupons.

I am a bargain shopper and I often look for the best deals. For example, when looking for Hotels in Thailand, I decided to use Hotels.com. I found two great hotels that I would recommend. One hotel was great because it had a sky roof bar and the movie Hang Over 2 had been filed there prior to my arrival.

The second hotel had great scenery and a zoo on site.

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The wonderful thing about Hotels.com is that you are able to earn one free night after your 10th stay. Groupon coupons currently have the following deals for Hotels.com: %10 off, rebate offers and other great deals.

After looking for hotels, finding an inexpensive flight should be next on your travel to-do list. Groupon has coupons for my favorite site Orbitz. Orbitz.com is great because it allows you to search multiple flights at once and allows you to compare prices. Orbitz also offers flights, hotels, cars, cruises, activities and so much more.

Remember if you are planning your next trip don’t forget to utilize Groupon Coupons to maximize savings. Any funds saved can be used on your actual trip or put into your saving account for a rainy day!


27 thoughts on “Cha-Ching: Groupon Coupons!

  1. I love Groupon Coupon! I’m always looking for ways to save my coins, especially when traveling and Groupon Coupons never disappoints.


  2. Already use most of these apps when I’m stateside; I used to be seriously addicted to Groupon.

    Most of my hotel booking are done via third party; rarely am I without a significant discount using a third party booking. Good info.

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