Sweet Tiffy’s T-shirts

The older I become I realize the importance of having multiple streams of income. I don’t think it is wise to rely on any one form of income. As I was trying to think about various ways to supplement my cash flow,  I thought about designing slogans/graphics for T-shirts. My first idea design included using my last name HEARD. It is a unique name and thought I could come up with several slogans. As I began to research on goggle, I saw a company already had a business called “Ya Heard”. Of course I was disappointed because I have “YA Heard” on my Letterman jacket from High School and certainly would have put on a shirt!  I was beginning to think to myself the T-shirt business may not be for me.

A couple months later I was in church and as  I went up for prayer, Evangelist Donna Gordan prayed for me and said,”You have many ideas and talents, you need to start using them”. After prayer, I began to remember the idea that I tossed away so easily because one company had already branded themselves using my last name. So I figured i could still start a T-shirt business but I could expand the line. When I tell people I create shirts, they often ask what is the theme. I always explain, I don’t have a particular theme and don’t want to limit my creativity by solely sticking to one particular concept.. My various collections can best be described as “Slices of Tiffany Life”. I am like a scrumptious apple pie cut into pieces for everyone to enjoy,  remembering that each slice is important. For example I will have a line for social workers, travelers, plus size gals, people who date men from other countries, people who attend church, etc. These are each a part of my life but by itself does not define who I am. Yes I’m a social worker but its only my profession, not entirely who I am as a person.

My first three shirts are part of my traveling collection






Please check them out and provide me with your feedback. I have posted the link under Sweet Tiffy’s Shirt and you will be directed to Spread Shirt for various colors and sizes for purchase.

I’m excited because I will be a vendor at a conference for the first time! Please send a quick prayer, good luck and positive vibes that the shirts will generate income.


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